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Bosko Petrovic

Bosko Petrovic (b. in Bjelovar, Feb. 18, 1935) began to play violin at the age of seven passing on to the accordion, drums and finally the vibraphone. As a violinist he founded his first combo group in 1950. 1959. Bosko Petrovic founded the Zagreb Jazz Quartet whose repertoire was based primarily on original music inspired by the musical tradition of his country. The Quartet soon gained recognition aboard for the original style of what came be called Balkan jazz. (J.E. Berendt in Twen Magazine, 1962). During its Eight active year, the Quartet gave numerous concerts home and aboard (Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, the Soviet Union). After a one year break, the Quartet become the Zagreb Jazz Quintet joined by the distinguished American trumpet player Art Farmer in the season 1968/69. He is a recipient of the Slavenski Award the Town of Zagreb Award and Croatian Grammy award Porin.

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With I Pain I Was Born - ** - ** -

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