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Larry Austin

Larry Austin was born in Oklahoma in 1936. He received his education in Texas and California, studying with Canadian Composer Violet Archer (University Of North Texas, French composer Darius Milhaud (Mills College), and American composer Andrew Imbrie (University of California-Berkeley).

Highly successful as a composer for traditional as well as experimental music, Austin’s works have been performed and recorded by the Boston Symphony, New York Philharmonic, the National Symphony Orchestra, as well as many other major ensembles in America and Europe. He achieved his first major success with his composition “Improvisations for Orchestra & Jazz Soloists” in 1964, performed by the New York Philharmonic and conducted by Leonard Bernstein. It was recorded on Columbia (Sony) Records, and also included as part of Bernstein’s TV “Youth Concert Series”, which was later released on video. Since 1964, Austin has composed more than eighty works in various forms.

From 1958 to 1972 Austin was a member of the musical faculty of the University of California, Davis. There, in 1961, he co-founded, edited and published the seminal new music journal, SOURCE: Music of the Avant Garde. Subsequently, he served on the faculties of the University of South Florida, 1967-74), and the University of North Texas, (1978-96), founding and directing extensive computer music studios at both universities. In 1986 he founded and served as President (1986-2000) of CDCM: Consortium to Distribute Computer Music, producer of the CDCM Computer series, with thirty-two CD volumes released on Centaur Records since 1988. Retiring from his 38-year academic career in 1996, Austin resides with his wife in Denton, Texas. He still continues his active composing career with commissions, tours, performances, writing, recording and lecturing.

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Title Category Score Parts Time Listen
A Broken Consort Chamber Music (Also Small Jazz Ensemble) 25.00 65.00 12:00 -
Improvisations for Orchestra & Jazz Soloists Symphony Orchestra with Jazz Soloist(s) R R 15:00 -
Piano Variations Piano Music 19.95 --- 10:00 -

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