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Welcome To MJQ Music, Inc.

In the history and evolution of music in this country, it was the inherent originality in jazz that gave birth to many creative forms of expression, and in more recent years, due to the imaginative efforts of serious jazz composers and those younger classical composers interested in improvisation and a greater freedom of expression, a unique body of musical literature emerged.

MJQ Music was created for the purpose of encouraging and servicing this music and other diversified styles of jazz compositions and arrangements, and providing these composers with an outlet for their works to music educators and students, and music directors and conductors in various fields.

The music is available either in the form of Composer's Facsimile editions (ozalid or blueprint reproductions - often in the composer's own hand) or as printed publications (score and/or parts).

The symbol P is used to distinguish printed works from ozalid copies.  It may be obtained either on a rental (R) or sale basis as indicated.  Where there is an asterisk after (R*) write for further information.  Rental fees will, of course, vary with performance conditions.

Prices subject to change without notice.