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Composed by: John Lewis
Notes: Lyric Edition. Co-Writer: Spencer, J.
Score: **
Time: **

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Instrument Abbreviations
A.Cl Alto Clarinet
A.Fl Alto Flute
A.Sax Alto Saxophone
B.Hn Baritone Horn
B.Sax Baritone Saxophone
Bs Bass(jazz string)
Bs.Cl Bass Clarinet
Bs.Sax Bass Saxophone
Bs.Trb Bass Trombone
Bsst.Hn Basset Horn
Bn Bassoon
Cel Celesta
Cl Clarinet
CBs Contrabass(string bass)
CBs.Cl Contrabass Clarinet
CBn Contrabassoon
Dr Drums(jazz)
EbCl Eb Clarinet
E.Hn English Horn
Flg.Hn Fleugel Horn
Fl Flute
Hn French Horn
Glock Glockenspiel
Gtr Guitar(amplified)
Hp Harp
Ob Oboe
Perc Percussion
Pno Piano
Picc Piccolo
Rhy Rhythm Section(Pno, Bs, Dr)
Sax Saxophone(s)
Stg.Qt String Quartet
Stg String Section(standard)
T.Sax Tenor Saxophone
Timp Timpani
Trb Trombone
Tpt Trumpet
Vib Vibraphone
Vla Viola
Vln Violin
Vlc Violoncello
Xyl Xylophone
opt. Optional
(parts-score) Each particular parts-score consists of the individual instrumental line and a complete score (the latter in reduced type).
P Printed - used to distinguish printed scores from Composer's Facsimile Editions and ozalid reproductions.
R Rental - available on a rental basis only.
R* Write for further information.
** Available as a lead sheet only. Call or write for more information.
(S) Substitution - other solo instruments may be substituted.
Soli(i) Soloist(s) - Designates featured solo parts.
Reading Instrumentation
The instrumentation is indicated by numbers which correspond to normal score order.  Any deviation from this form is indicated by the use of abbreviations and/or symbols (see Table above).

For example: 2-2-1, Bs.Cl-2(CBn); 4-3-3-0; Stg. means that the works requires 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 clarinet and bass clarinet, 2 bassoons (1 player doubling contrabassoon); 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones and no tuba; string section.

If a smaller string section is required, the number of players (not stands!) is specified

For example: 3-3-2-2-1 means 3 first violins, 3 second violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos and 1 bass.